Theme Versions

Cadence - 1.0.8 | 3.25.2013

  • Firefox now uses absolute positioning to prevent HTML5 playback issues in older version of Firefox.

Cadence - 1.0.7 | 3.20.2013

  • Added next and previous arrows to the photoset lightbox
  • Fixed an issue where certain language settings cause Javascript errors

Cadence - 1.0.6 | 3.18.2013

  • Updated theme to support the new Twitter Widget
  • Updated Audio Post for Soundcloud and Spotify
  • Fixed the Photoset Lightbox grid from breaking
  • Fixed the issue with border lines showing up on transparent images
  • Share button alignment corrected
  • Removed the margin, on the iPhone version, that displayed in the navigation menu when the profile icon is disabled
  • Prevented the tag results page from loading non-tagged posts

Cadence - 1.0.5 | 2.20.2013 * Updated video embed feature to address Tumblr’s most recent changes. * Previous Versions

Cadence - 1.0.2 | 12.04.2012

  • Updated icons to Batch for better cross browser support
  • “Read More” button now works across all post types

Cadence - 1.0.1 | 11.27.2012

  • Fixed responsive layout issues with Internet Explorer
  • Added icon support for Internet Explorer

Cadence - 1.0.0 | 11.07.2012

The first version of Cadence has been submitted to Tumblr. For an overview of the theme read the introduction post. If you have suggestions for future updates or need help email us at